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Illustrating my favorite YA novels one drawing at a time

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westfalls-halo asked: Your art is wonderful!!! I just wanted to stop by and say that, because if someone hasn't told you that today, I wanted to say it :) xo

Seriously, you’re the sweetest. Thank you!

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ohmypercico asked: "do you ever just out of the blue think about nico di angelo and then all of a sudden your chest hurts youre doing something utterly ordinary like washing the dishes or walking the dog and BAM nico feels it happens okay normal things that happen to normal people" YES THIS HAPPENS AND IT HURTS I am living my life and then TADAM NICO FEELS

YOU UNDERSTAND ME! Clearly you know the special kind of agony that comes with caring about Nico di Angelo. Also the special kind of agony of doing the dishes, but that’s another conversation.

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When life gets me down, I sketch Percabeth

When life gets me down, I sketch Percabeth

Filed under percabeth percy jackson annabeth chase Percy Jackson and the Olympians pjo hoo otp one true pairing rick riordan seriously annabeths hair is life sketch sketchy sketcheroo even otps can get in fights especially otps THEY FIGHT BECAUSE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER OKAY percy probably did something dumb but adorable because percy seriously i want to draw annabeths hair all day long LOOK AT IT PRINCESS HAIR percy and annabeth blood of olympus will destroy me it will destroy us all my babies tag overload

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SURPRISE! The Art of Young Adult has a Society6 store!

Ahhhh! I know I just said I was only toying with the idea, but then I got a weird rush of energy and decided to just do it already. So… ta da! I’ve gotten a lot of requests for totes and prints and phone cases and laptop skins etc ETC with my bookish art on them (which is an insane kind of gratifying, let me tell you). I did some research (at least four whole minutes of Googling) and decided to go with Society6, which seems so far like the best option. So now you can buy stuff with fictional people kissing on them! Yay!

What kind of things? THINGS LIKE THESE:

French name, English accent, American school. Anna confused. Tote BagThe Lunar Chronicles Framed Art PrintEleanor & Park with headphones Laptop & iPad SkinMia and her cello iPhone & iPod SkinThe Raven Boys and Blue iPad CaseThe Raven Boys and Blue Wall ClockFrench name, English accent, American school. Anna confused. Mug

*tries not to explode at how cool that is*

It takes quite a long time to upload each print and reformat them for each product, but I’m slowly putting more and more art up. Thanks, everybody <33

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bookmark-girl asked: Hey, I was just thinking - have you considered making a society6 store (or something similar)? I think lots of people will like seeing your art on things - pillows, mugs, t shirts, you name it... :)

I’m toying with idea, since several people have asked for it, and there’s a good chance I will! I need to figure out how that works first, and I’m not exactly the most tech-savvy of humans, so we’ll see. But yes, watch this space because it could happen. And thanks :)